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GSM Video Library Table

UPC Video Title Producer/Distributor Disks Length (min) Year Created Description and/or Review
Raging Planet NEW16 Discovery 2 387 2010 Description: Take a thrilling ride right into the heart of the most amazing forces of our planet - revealing the speed of a twister, the power of a hurricane, the lethal force of a lightning bolt, the instant devastation of a flood, or the explosive punch of a volcano. Feel what it is like to be inside a house when a storm rips the roof off, when a cloud of volcanic ash overtakes you, or what a street sign picked up by a tornado would do to your car window. This is Nature at its wildest and most furious. (9 Episodes)
8591752082 Rainbow of Stone: Grand Canyon Terra Productions 1 40 1996 A Journey through Deep Time in the Grand Canyon
2799457358 Really Wild Animals National Geographic 1 40 2004 Dinosaurs and Other Creature Features
8347609328 Ring of Fire Doomsday Series 1 176 2012 The Unthinkable has arrived
1701898062 Ring of Fire SlingShot Entertainment 1 40 2002 IMAX
3984760023 Rocky Mountain National Park Holiday Digital Video 1 70 2001
3393703494 Sacagawea: Heroine of the Lewis and Clark Journey Encounter Video 1 80 2004
Scanning Lifes Matrix Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2 2003
Science of Fat Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2 2005
4325280039 Science of the Deep Discovery 1 2008 MEMBER REVIEW: The first part is about living in an underwater habitat for multiple day, think Sealab. It was ok but the next two parts were fascinating. Part 2 deals with jelly like creatures living somewhere between the depths and the surface of the ocean. (It varies by time of day) Part 3 deals with cold seeps and the life on them. Superheated hydrothermal vents aren't the only game in town. I wound up watching parts 2 and 3 several times.
2799475318 Sea Monsters National Geographic 1 40 2008
4188701103 Secrets Beneath the Ice Nova 1 60 2010
Secrets of the Ocean Realm Readers Digest 1 78 1997
1707892572 Sedona: The Spirit of Wonder SlingShot Entertainment 1 37 1998
Seeing Death Valley National Park Service 1 19 2011 Plus 32 minutes of additional material.
Sex Determination Howard Hughes Medical Institute 1 2002
Sinkholes: Buried Alive NEW16 Nova 1 60 2015 Description: Sinkholes have swallowed highways, apartment buildings, horses, camels, and even golfers with monster-size holes cracking the earth from Siberia to Louisiana. Filled with compelling eyewitness video of dramatic collapses, and following scientists as they explore the underlying forces behind these natural disasters, NOVA travels the globe to investigate what its like to have your world vanish beneath your feet. Rated PG.
2799475283 Six Degrees Could Change the World National Geographic 1 90 2008
1717898762 Solar Max SlingShot NSF 1 120 2001 IMAX
Space Station IMAX Warner Brothers 1 47 2005
1811128569 Space Views Delta Entertainment 1 80 & 320 2005 Original, breathtaking pictures from the Space Shuttle
781930238121 Spirit of Yosemitie, Special Edition Yosemite Fund 1 55 2002
1130162045 St. Helens Peter Davis, Michael Murphey 1 90 1981 Story of Harry Truman; starring Art Carney; 2 copies in Video Library
1130162045 St. Helens Timeless Media Group 1 90 2010
9600943609 Supernova Hallmark 1 172 2005 The day the world catches fire