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GSM Video Library Table

UPC Video Title Producer/Distributor Disks Length (min) Year Created Description and/or Review
9044500532 Ocean Oasis Magic Play 1 75 2004 IMAX
4188701284 Oceans Volume One PBS 4 210 2003 Description: This Oceans Pack includes Under the Sea with Al Giddings - Al Giddings, one of the most accomplished and renowned underwater director-producer-cinematographers draws from more than 30 years of deep sea diving experience and shares stories and scenes from a lifetime of undersea film adventures. WLIW New York President and General Manager Terrel Cass speaks one-on-one with the legend to discover the fearless genius behind his breathtaking aquatic images. (Closed Captioned; Rating: TV-G) Visions of the Sea - Visions of the Sea is a glimpse into another world. Behold a dazzling variety of shapes and a rainbow of colors as you meet an amazing assortment of creatures. Featuring the underwater photographic artistry of Al Giddings, stunning imagery is paired with informative narration and a soundtrack that embodies the eclectic rhythms of life in the ocean. Visions of the Sea is the ultimate underwater adventure. (Closed Captioned; Rating: TV-G) Ocean Odyssey - Healthy, functioning marine ecosystems are being damaged, altered and disappearing faster then we can fully understand how they work. In order to successfully protect and restore the ocean to a healthy state - we need to have some idea of what it once was and hopefully can be again. This film tries to capture some of the last remaining pristine marine ecosystems on Earth. (Subtitles in English (SDH); Rating: TV-G) Treasures of the Great Barrier Reef - Swim through a day in the life of the greatest natural wonder of Australia, and view the brilliant colors and extraordinary inhabitants of the undersea world. (Closed Captioned; Rating: TV-G)
Of Hearts and Hypertension: Blazing Genetic Trails Howard Hughes Medical Institute 1 2006 MEMBER REVIEW: There are four parts, the first part gives a very good (and useful to me) overview of how the heart works. The next 3 parts deals with genetic based heart disease. I found the first part well worth watching.
Oil On Ice Dale Djerassi/Bo Boudart 1 90 About Arctic Wildlife Refuge
Origins: Battle for the Planet Discovery 1 50 2003 MEMBER REVIEWS: 1) A nice introduction to the Cambrian explosion and early evolution. Starts with the Cambrian explosion, and the various creatures that had evolved. It is Vertebrates vs. Arthropods vs. Mollusks. Showing the fossils of the Burgess Shale in the Canadian Rockies, they explore how unlikely survival of piciea was to evolve into us. The arthropods-giant bugs-ruled. Then they go to the Soom Shale in South Africa, and the conodonts, descendants of piciea when the mollusks ruled. After that came snowball Earth. The arthropods came back, but reached their limits, leaving the way clear for the vertebrates to take over on land. There is lots of good evolution, and many fossils to be seen, and also lots of good animation showing all the weird creatures living in the Cambrian. It is worth watching more than once. 2) This focuses on the Cambrian Explosion over 500 million years ago, when the land was barren and everything lived in the oceans. You get to see all the weird animals and plants around at that time, and which ones evolved into humans. The CGI is well done, and looks pretty natural, for depicting things we only know directly as fossils. It is 2003, so they miss some of the most up-to-date information (all life was only slime before the Cambrian, not!), but it is still pretty good, and you find yourself wondering which will win, insects, mollusks or vertebrates. (Hint: we are vertebrates.) You go to the Burgess Shale, and other interesting places. It is worth watching, and if you want to know more, read "Wonderful Life: the Burgess Shale and the Nature of History" by Steven Jay Gould (1989). It is somewhat outdated, but still a good read.
9893683931 Our Living Earth, Volume 1 Encyclopedia Britannica 1 39 2008 MEMBER REVIEW: Remember those science films you watched in grade and high school? They were usually one subject and earnestly, if ponderously narrated. This DVD will bring you back to those days. It contains 2 of these films-one dated 1977 is about Hawaiian active volcano (hint, it is not Kilauea), and the other dated 1978 is about fossils around the US in general, and the exciting revelation that oil and coal come from ancient organisms and can be called "fossil fuels". Needless to say, there is little that is new or exciting here. They are proud of a diorama of a fossil marine reef. That is how cutting edge it is. If you are looking for something exciting, pass this DVD by. If you want nostalgia, and to see just how far geology has come in the past 40 years, this one is for you.
9893683932 Our Living Earth, volume 2 Encyclopedia Britannica 1 59 2008 1. Evolution of Landscapes; 2. Aging of Lakes; 3. Life in the Grasslands; 4. The Everglades
2826106639 Our Plant Earth Madacy Entertainment 1 420 2008 Also 1 audio disc
Outdoor Idaho: Idaho Geology: A Convergence of Wonders NEW16 Outdoor Idaho 1 60 2012 Description: The evidence is everywhere. Astonishing things have happened to a place we call Idaho. We search for answers in the folds and fractures, floods and bewildering formations. Ours is definitely not a landscape for the timid. Yet this land also beckons us to explore and to enjoy. In this exploration of a geology that has inspired and frustrated every generation, we examine the forces that unite us and divide us, and bind us together as a state.
Parks for the People TPT 1
Planet Earth Discovery 5 500 2006
Planet Earth: The Complete Series BBC 5 700 2007
8392901404 Planet in Peril CNN 1 174 2007 A CNN Worldwide Investigation
8392901404 Planet in Peril CNN Worldwide Investigations 1 174 2008
Planet Storm Discovery 1 50 2003
Pompeii: The Last Day Discovery 1 50 2003
Potent Biology: Stem Cells, Cloning, and Regeneration Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2 2006
4325254193 Prehistoric Discovery 1 258 2010
Prehistoric America: From the Ice Age to Manhattan Discovery 1 50 2003
Prehistoric America: The Frozen North Discovery 1 50 2003
Prehistoric America: The Wild West Discovery 1 50 2003
Prehistoric America: The Wild West Discovery 1 50 2003
9405117502 Prehistoric Planet BBC 1 132 2003
2799475314 Prehistoric Predators National Geographic 1 55 2008
Prehistoric Predators: Sabertooth National Geographic 1 55 2008