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GSM Video Library Table

UPC Video Title Producer/Distributor Disks Length (min) Year Created Description and/or Review
4339632680 Impact Sony Pictures 1 190 2009 The darkest day of Earth will be the finest hour of mankind
8342140829 In the Path of a Killer Volcano NOVA 1 56 1992 The Eruption of Mount Pinatubo
2799475142 Inside Hurricane Katrina National Geographic 1 92 2005
1438154442 Inside Planet Earth Discovery 1 84 2009
4188702490 Invisible Universe Revealed NEW16 Nova 1 60 2015 Description: 25 years ago, NASA launched one of the most ambitious experiments in the history of astronomy: the Hubble Space Telescope. In honor of Hubbles landmark anniversary, NOVA tells the remarkable story of the telescope that forever changed our understanding of the cosmos and our place in it. But amazingly, when the telescope first sent images back to earth, it seemed that the entire project was a massive failure; a one-millimeter engineering blunder had turned the billion-dollar telescope into an object of ridicule. It fell to five heroic astronauts in a daring mission to return Hubble to the cutting edge of science. NOVA hears from the scientists and engineers on the front line who tell the amazing Hubble story as never before. This single telescope has helped astronomers pinpoint the age of the universe, revealed the birthplace of stars and planets, advanced our understanding of dark energy and cosmic expansion, and uncovered black holes lurking at the heart of galaxies. For more than a generation, Hubbles stunning images have brought the beauty of the heavens to millions, revealing a cosmos richer and more wondrous than we ever imagined. Join NOVA for the story of this magnificent machine and its astonishing discoveries.
Iron Ore and Minnesotas Future Quality Information Publishers 1 30 1952 This quaint film is a nifty piece of Minnesota history. MEMBER REVIEW: This is a paean to Taconite. It comes from the golden age of industrial and educational films. It runs less than 30 minutes, but is a great video. They take a scene at a dining hall from the State Fair to sell the use of taconite, when taconite was still experimental. It is a fun look at the past, in so many ways. The women leave to take the kiddies to the rides, while the men stay behind to listen to the mining engineer. There are many good panoramic scenes of the mines, which are interesting for those of us who were on the Iron Range trip August 2016, as you can see many of the places we went, but a lot more new and clean than what we saw. They show Hull Rust, Soudan and other mines, as well as scenes of Hibbing, Duluth, and other northern Minnesota cities. They even make reference to cleaning the water used in plants, something which was not a big deal in 1952. This is a fun look at the past, and well worth viewing.
Journey of Life: Human Life Discovery 1 50 2007
3396111345 Journey to 10,000 BC History Channel 1 94 2008
9600923229 Journey to the Center of the Earth Echo Bridge Entertainment 1 187 2004
1871359207 Journey to the Center of the Earth NEW17 Discovery 1 132 2012 Description: Jules Verne s classic adventure book was an inventive story, but the Victorian explorers discovered more than they realized. Compare the fascinating revelations of modern earth science with Verne s astounding insight.
4339625830 Just Add Water Bleeding Hart 1 91 2006 Rated R
2874074852 Kartchner Caverns State Park Sahra, University of Arizona 1 20 2004
8017810039 Kilauea Volcano Eruption Update Winter 2005 Volcano Video 1 85 2004
4188702253 Killer Landslides NEW16 Nova 1 60 2014 Description: Just before 11 a.m. on March 22, 2014, an ominous rumble startled the residents of the community of Oso, Washington. It was the terrifying sound of what would become the deadliest landslide in the United States in decades. The equivalent of one million dump truck loads of earth came plummeting down the valley. In a little over two minutes, a pile of debris up to 75 feet deep slammed into the neighborhood of close to 50 homes. While a massive search and rescue effort continues at the site, geologists are tracing the geological history of Oso to explain why the site was so unstable. But all around the world, scientists have reason to fear that the worst is yet to come. Globally, landslides and other ground failures take a tremendous human and economic toll, and with climate change bringing a sharp rise in precipitation, the threat of bigger, more frequent landslides is growing. As NOVA surveys landslide danger zones, discover how and why landslides happen, and how radar monitoring technologies could help issue life-saving warnings.
8342140819 Killer Quake WGBH Boston Educational 1 56 1994
4188700523 Krakatoa PBS 1 90 2005
9405180012 L5: First City in Space IMAX 1 35 2005
6424102446 Lakes, A Love Affair Kerry McNally Film 1 2009 2 copies in library
Land of Lost Monsters Animal Planet 1
Learning from Patients: The Science of Medicine Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2 2004
Lethal Seas NEW16 Nova 1 60 2115 Description: A deadly recipe threatens the survival of countless creatures throughout the oceans: carbon dioxide. With carbon emissions sharply rising, the silent killer is entering the seas at a staggering rate--raising the acidity of the oceans. As a result, the skeletons and shells of marine creatures that form the foundation of the web of life are dissolving. Can experts crack the code of a rapidly changing ocean before it is too late?
2799475027 Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West National Geographic 1 40 2002
3396111090 Life After People History/A&E 1 94 2008
Life and Death of a Star Astronomy Magazine 1 2007 Infinite Cosmos Series
9405124762 Life in the Freezer BBC Video 1 180 1993 David Attenborough in Antarctica