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GSM Video Library Table

UPC Video Title Producer/Distributor Disks Length (min) Year Created Description and/or Review
1795100838 Dinosaur Walt Disney 1 82
8173560382 Dinosaur Discoveries Topic Entertainment, Inc. 4 270 2009
4603202509 Dinosaur Eggs and Babies Janson Media 1 57 2002
Dinosaur Planet Discovery 1 50 2003
1438134342 Dinosaurs Alive Image Entertainment 1 67 2007 IMAX
1130169854 Dinosaurs In and Out New Dominion 1 240 2009
1130169854 Dinosaurs Inside and Out Discovery 1 240 2009
0772912839 Dinotopia Hallmark 2 240 2002
5318204670 Discovering the Earth 3D Websters Millenium 1 2003 Multimedia Learning Adventure (compuer program, not a video)
4188701843 Doomsday Volcanoes Nova 1 60 2013 Description: In April 2010, the eruption of Eyjafjallaj
2799495567 Down to the Earths Core NEW16 National Geographic 1 90 2012 MEMBER REVIEW: This 90-minute 2012 National Geographic production is entirely CGI. It is based on real video, but they digitized it and it can be weird and difficult to watch on occasion. They go down into the earth in various places to explore in reverse some of the history of the planet. They explore plate tectonics in visual detail, and show a slow-motion earthquake. They show various gemstones and minerals and how they formed. The sound of amethysts growing was strange. It is really interesting, but again all CGI. Finally they go into the mantle and you see old slabs of crust, and mantle plumes. Then they get to the core, the center of the labyrinth. (Yeah they get a bit purple in places.) Towering tornadoes of liquid metal. They detail how magnetism is driven by the core, and how it all protects the earth. Then the core inside the core-giant crystalline nickel-iron. Heat vs. Pressure. If you can deal with the CGI, it is an interesting DVD and they talk about things that are cutting edge. Definitely worth watching. Description: Experience an earthquake inside the San Andreas Fault, blast out of a volcano, encounter bizarre cave-dwelling creatures and enter caves full of giant crystals
Drain the Ocean NEW16 National Geographic 1 90 2010 Description: This is a world you have never seen before - a world normally hidden under miles of water, the ocean floor. We will remove the water using CGI animation, revealing a landscape of unimaginable scale with features more dramatic than anything on dry land.
1871357976 Earth Collection NEW17 Discovery 2 344 2011 Description: Disc One: Inside Planet Earth; What Lies Below; The Sun; Fearless Planet Earth Story. Disc Two: Sunrise Earth; If We Had No Moon; Faces of Earth: Building The Planet. Pairing millions of years of history with cutting-edge technology, scientists and other leading experts explore the past, present, future, and even the what-ifs of our universe. From the core of the Earth to the rays of the sun, this collection will walk through the fascinating elements of our universe and how they affect our normal daily lives. Using 3-D computer animation and the latest scientific information, the Earth collection offers a ring-side seat to the amazing story of the shaping and synergy of our world.
4188701848 Earth from Space NEW16 Nova 1 120 2013 Description: Groundbreaking two-hour special that reveals a spectacular new space-based vision of our planet. Produced in extensive consultation with NASA scientists, NOVA takes data from earth-observing satellites and transforms them into dazzling visual sequences, each one exposing the intricate and surprising web of forces that sustain life on earth. Witness how dust blown from the Sahara fertilizes the Amazon; how a vast submarine "waterfall" off Antarctica helps drive ocean currents around the world; and how solar heating of the southern Atlantic gives birth to a colossally powerful hurricane. From the microscopic world of water molecules vaporizing over the ocean to the magnetic field that is bigger than Earth itself, Earth From Space reveals the astonishing beauty and complexity of our dynamic planet.
8392902606 Earth the Biography BBC 2 230 2008 The story of our world. MEMBER REVIEW: This is a BBC production, and it is as great as you would expect. It is divided into 5 segments, Volcanoes, Atmosphere, Ice, Ocean, and Rare Planet. From first glance you might not think it was a geological history, but it is that and more. They go from planetary formation to the possible future. Great CGI, solid science, and a narrator with a wonderful Scotttish accent (A Scots geologist, go figure). They go all over the planet, and do quite a bit of personal activity, caving, volcano exploring, etc. You also go to places others cannot go. Watch it twice to make sure you get it all. This one is a definite must see.
4188702343 Earth: A New Wild NEW16 PBS 2 300 2014 Description: A stunning new look at our wild planet by turning the cameras around to show the world as it really is--with humans in the picture. Dr. M. Sanjayan journeys to the frontiers of where man and animal meet to discover how our relationship with the greatest natural history events on the planet can provide a key to preserving our present and enriching our future. Episodes include: * Home - Travel across five continents to take fresh look at how humans can live alongside big animals like pandas, chimps, and tigers. * Plains - Uncover a vital new link between humans, predators, and the spectacular herds that roam the great plains of the world, one of the most endangered places on Earth. * Forests - Reconsider the value of the forests of the world, from an uncharted area of the Amazon, to Canada, Sumatra, and the cork forests of Portugal. * Oceans - Dr. Sanjayan reveals a vibrant community of scientists, engineers, and fishermen who are providing astonishing solutions that can help avert a cataclysmic future. * Water - Sharing spectacular wildlife stories, Dr. Sanjayan discovers a key connection between most important resource of Earth and the health of a nation.
4188725597 Earth: The Inside Story NEW16 PBS 1 60 2015 MEMBER REVIEW: This 2015 production is a mini course in the history of the Earth and the geological forces that shaped the planet and allowed life to evolve. The information is up-to-date and cutting edge. They have a different group of scientists and some different video and emphasis from the usual Nova productions, and that is a good thing because we enjoy a few different voices. It is an excellent view for anyone wanting to know how we all got here and what the Earth runs on to make it the place we can call home. A must-see for geology enthusiasts. DESCRIPTION: Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and extreme weather. Has Earth always been this way? Featuring footage of top geologic hot spots on every continent, the film traces the scientifically-based story of the 4.5 billion-year-old Earth, from the core to the crust and up into the atmosphere.
4771508152 Earthlight: Special Edition Mill Reef Entertainment 1 85 1998
Earthquake Storms Discovery 1 50 2005
8342142159 Earthquake! Nova & American Experience 3 166 2007 2 copies in library. Includes 3 titles: Earthquake!, Killer Quake!, The Great San Francisco Earthquake
8342142159 Earthquake: Science Behind the Shake Nova 3 166 1990-2005 Description: 1) Killer Quake!: Metropolitan Los Angeles is sitting on ground zero. Slicing under the high-rises of downtown is a network of potentially deadly faults that could trigger the most devastating natural disaster of our nation. NOVA takes viewers from urban trench sites to the top of the Santa Susanna Mountains, in search of clues to where nature will strike next. Includes printable materials for educators. 2) The Great San Francisco Earthquake: In the early 1900s, San Francisco stood as a proud and flourishing symbol of Americas recent conquest of the once-wild West. But on April 18, 1906, the city experienced an awesome reminder of the uncontrollable forces lying dormant just beneath the splendors of its cosmopolitan surface. Thirty times more powerful than the temblor that decimated northern California in 1989, this earthquake measured a ground-wrenching 8.3 on the Richter scale.
781598032956 Earths Changing Climate NEW16 The Great Courses 2 360 2007 12 lectures - 30 minutes each
9893683928 Earths Underground: Minerals and Rocks Encyclopedia Britannica 1 59 2008 1. The Rock Cycle; 2. Rocks that Originate Underground; 3. Minerals and Rocks
Energized: Communities Building Minnesotas Clean Energy Future Clean Energy Resource Teams 1 45 2011
Evolution: Constant Change and Common Threads Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2 2006 MEMBER REVIEW: This DVD set is produced by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. It is done in-house, but has very good technical quality. The 2 DVDs are different. All are from the 2005 Holiday Lectures on Science. The first DVD consists of 4 lectures on evolution, plus a series of interactive presentations taken from the lectures. The lectures are good presentations with introductions, video clips, and graphics. Each lecture is on a different topic, but they progress, so watch them in order. These are generally college-level presentations, and are an excellent overview of genetics and evolution. They touch on natural selection, plant and animal breeding, and modern DNA research. You need your remote to play the interactive stuff, there is interesting material there. But you can also skip the interactive stuff, as it is all in the lectures. Each lecture lasts about an hour, with talk and questions. Interestingly, they take video from all sorts of sources, commercial and educational, from Nova to Jeopardy. The second DVD has a discussion reconciling religion and science. It has interviews with 4 principals about evolution and science and the benefits from evolutionary research. The interviews seem geared toward encouraging young people to go into science. The discussion about religion and science and can they easily coexist, feature the scientists who presented the lectures, a priest, and a philosopher. Both the priest and philosopher say the Bible is not to be taken literally, so they bypass totally a main argument against evolution. They get into media bashing - the media does not represent all viewpoints - just fundamentalists vs. a scientist or two. The fear of science and evolution seems a uniquely American phenomenon. They get into Intelligent Design vs. Creationism. This whole discussion seems more germane to people in the DC area, where there is a lot more overt fundamentalism than here in Minnesota, where we have not ever tried to legislate the falsity of evolution. But it is interesting to hear some good arguments for evolution, and yet you can still believe in God (or whatever). But if you are not needing this material it is easily skipped. The courses are good, and give a real sold foundation for understanding evolution and how it works both in the greater scale and also down to the specific genes.