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GSM Video Library Table

UPC Video Title Producer/Distributor Disks Length (min) Year Created Description and/or Review
06 The Next Great Quake 100th Anniversary Conference 1 14 2006
4339627517 2012 Columbia Pictures 1 158 2009
95 Worlds and Counting Discovery 1 50 2001
6768599203 A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash Docudramafilms 1 85 2006 Winner: Zurich Film Prize
3396110794 A Global Warning? History Channel 1 94 2007
9600946219 Absolute Zero Marvista 1 86 2006
1707898022 Africa: The Serengeti SlingShot Entertainment 1 40 1994 IMAX
AIDS: Evolution of an Epidemic Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2 2008
Alaskas Wild Denali Tropics Entertainment 1 60 2003
Alien Planet Discovery 1 50 2005
2799475174 Amazing Planet National Geographic 2 150 2006 MEMBER REVIEW: This is a 2006 National Geographic production, and so you can expect beautiful scenery. And it delivers, but they also often "enhance" it with video production techniques - so the nifty scenery lasts way shorter than you would want. And occasionally it can be vertigo creating. There are no scientists talking about their theories or discoveries, just a narrator with lots of good video and graphics. The first DVD has 2 episodes. The first is Born of Fire, about the origins of the planet and the forces that still shape it. The narration can be a bit over-the-top - lava can either be the lifeblood of the planet spewing onto the surface, or a really bad case of indigestion (really!). There are good graphics which show what we cannot see directly. They run the dance of the continents back and forth several times - which is quite fun. They go into the varieties of volcanoes and how they differ - that is something not seen elsewhere. Then come the mega-earthquakes, mega-tsunamis, and super-volcanoes. The second episode is Ocean Realm. Again we get history of the Earth, but more detailed and in chronological order: formation of the planet, continents, water, life, oxygen, snowball earth and so on. They touch on ancestral continents and the life that lives around them. The global oceanic currents are shown and explained. How these currents were changed by the formation of the isthmus of Panama is interesting. Future plate movements are shown. The second DVD has the third episode Destructive Forces that shape the planet: wind, water, fire and earth itself. It iss a nice overview of geological processes, but it never progresses past the beginner level. Still, it is a good introduction for newbies. There are many good graphic depictions of slow geological processes - watch the Grand Canyon form. The bonus feature is a 1998 program about Iceland which is better than the third episode. Not as technologically sophisticated with post-production, but it is easier to watch. Lots of great archival footage and spelunking under glaciers. This series is well worth watching.
3393704435 Amazing Secrets of Our World NEW16 Readers Digest 1 180 2015 MEMBER REVIEW: This Readers Digest video is a lot like the magazine: three hour long videos containing material from other productions, with new writing and narration that supposedly ties it all together. It is not bad, but you would be better served watching the original materials. The hodgepodge of subjects and meandering narration sorta ties things together, but I was left wanting more in-depth about each subject. And the level is high school at best, as they are trying to reach the widest audience so it is pretty bland and generic. They do provide a wide overview, but you can get better elsewhere. DESCRIPTION: Beneath the thin skin of rocks and soil of the Earth, there is an inner world, full of surprises. Discover places you were not supposed to see and secrets that were never meant to be revealed. Marvel at hidden treasures, natural wonders, and the extraordinary ways we are mastering the underground worlds of our planet.
American Tsunami: Are We Next? Discovery 1 50 2005
Ammolite: Birth of a Gem Discovery 1 2003 MEMBER REVIEW: This 45-minute 2003 video was created to sell Ammolite, a gem mined near Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. It is part of a series, Stones of Fate and Fortune. There is history and geology of fossils in Alberta. Species and location specific, the mother of pearl of ammonite shells are transformed during burial to brilliantly colored rock. Discovered in 1908, it waited until the 1960s to become worked, and 1981 to be an officially recognized gemstone. To me it looks to be a cross between labradorite and opal. This is a Canadian entrepreneurial story, with illegal collecting and poaching. It occurs in shale about 45 feet down and is a low tech smallish operation, guaranteeing scarcity. There is only one active mine in operation as of the date of the video. They cut the material, and use a quartz cap to protect it as jewelry. Other pieces are heat treated with polymers to stabilize it. This is a soft sell video, in typical Canadian style, polite and self-effacing.
9736348084 An Inconvenient Truth: A Global Warning Paramount Pictures 1 96 2006 2 copies in library
4188703173 Aurora: Fire in the Sky NEW17 PBS Terra Mater 1 60 2012 DESCRIPTION: A ghostly iridescence - a magic light breaking the blackness of the polar night. The aurora - it has always struck people in the polar regions with awe. This is a visual journey around the globe. A journey departing from ancient myths and legends about the aurora, to scientific explorations of this natural spectacle. The source of the aurora is our sun - a celestial power that kindles a fire in the sky. When electrically charged solar particles hit the earth's atmosphere, lights will flare. When the sun's activity is increasing, the results are more intensive and more frequent northern lights. Even seasoned researchers never fail to be overwhelmed?
6.90445E+11 Australia: Land Beyond Time Living Pictures 1 75 2002 IMAX
4188701851 Australias First 4 Billion Years Nova 2 240 2013 Description: Of all continents on Earth, none preserves a more spectacular story of its origins than Australia. With help from high-energy host and geologist Richard Smith, we meet titanic dinosaurs and giant kangaroos, sea monsters and prehistoric crustaceans, disappearing mountains and deadly asteroids. Epic in scope, intimate in nature, this is the untold story of the Land Down Under, the one island continent that has got it all. Join NOVA on the ultimate Outback road trip, an exploration of the history of the planet as seen through the mind-altering window of the Australian continent. Episodes include: Awakening, Life Explodes, Monsters, Strange Creatures
2799475231 Bear Island National Geographic 1 50 2007
Beautiful America Tim Janis Ensemble 1 60 2004 MEMBER REVIEW: Lots of New Age orchestra. Starting watching on a GSM field trip bus; gave up after 10 minutes
Bedrock and Quaternary Geologic Mapping of the Mesabi Iron Range Minnesota Geological Survey 1 2005 Summary of Surficial Geology
Before the Dinosaurs Discovery 1 50 2006 2 copies in library
4325253736 Best of Discovery Volume 5 Discovery 4 200 2008 Unfolding Universe; Man vs. Wild;Deadliest Catch; Planet Earth: Filmmakers Story
9405116145 Blue Planet: Frozen Seas BBC 1 98 2002