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GSM Video Library

GSM members may join the Video Library for a one-time fee of $15. Participants may then borrow library items for the nominal charge of $1 each. Most rentals are made at our Monday evening lectures, but other arrangements are possible by contacting the librarian, Dave Wilhelm, at .

The GSM Video Library is an ever-growing collection of educational DVDs that are available for rental at a nominal fee to GSM members. The library currently contains over 240 titles, covering geology and related scientific subjects. Most videos are a single disc, but there are some that are multiple disks with up to 5 or more hours of programming.

The catalog of titles is now available from this web site. You are encouraged to peruse this catalog for titles that might interest you. Note that if you use the Grid View, you can search for specific text in the Video Title and Producer/Distributor columns; just type the text by the magnifying-glass symbol. If you e-mail the Video Librarian (Dave Wilhelm at by Sunday evening before a lecture, I will be sure that the video is available for you to examine and rent at the Monday lecture.

Note that videos added to library in 2016 have the word "NEW" prefixed to the Producer/Distributor name. This allows you to use the Grid View to easily find all videos recently added to the library.

As you can see, the catalog includes space for reviews of the videos; a few reviews are already included. If you would like to comment on a video you have seen, either send me an e-mail, being sure to identify the title, or slip a paper note with the review in the clear pocket on the back of the DVD box. (Do not put a paper review in the DVD box, since I might not see it.) I will not include your name with the review unless you indicate that I should include it. Note that reviews are limited to 1,580 characters.

Following are Video Library costs to GSM members. All proceeds collected go to expanding our library. (13 new titles were added in 2013.)

- Video Library lifetime memberships are $15. Unlike your regular GSM membership, the VL membership is lifetime, so you pay it just once. It remains valid so long as your GSM membership is current.

- Video rentals are $1 each. (All rentals are this cost, regardless of how many disks are in the box.)

- We recently introduced video rental to GSM members who are not members of the VL, intended for someone who would like to try a rental or two before committing $15. Rentals to VL non-members are $3 each. If you later become a member, any extra you paid for rentals in the previous year is taken from the cost of your VL membership. For example if you had rented 2 videos for $6 total, your VL membership would cost just $11, since you had paid an extra $4 for the 2 rentals.

Finally, if you have DVDs of appropriate content that you would like to donate, we do accept contributions.

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